Our Floats

Our floats are late model, well maintained trucks.

Features include:

Full Stallion Dividers

For the safety and protection of each horse on the float, the dividers between each horse are full stallion dividers. Each divider has hanging rubber to the floor to assist horses that scramble on the float.

The dividers are fully adjustable which means that we can safely transport all sizes of horse, from a 32 inch miniature to a 17 hh Warmblood.

Rubber Mat Flooring

For comfort, we choose to put rubber flooring throughout the float and cover the floor with wood shavings so that the horses have a soft surface to stand on.

Low Loading Ramps

The doors on our floats are designed to drop to the ground and act as a ramp to load the horses on board. Being low to the ground, the angle of the ramps is not steep. This design feature is assists nervous loading horses or horses that have had little loading experience.

Excellent Ventilation

A major key that contributes to keeping a horse healthy in transit is to have good ventilation and plenty of fresh air whistling through the float. Our floats cope with the hottest weather conditions, which we incur on a regular basis when travelling throughout North Queensland.