Your Horse In Transit

Horses in our care are well rested at designated stop overs every night.  They are fed good quality Lucerne hay and have access to fresh water at all times whilst stabled.  Rest, whilst on the road is essential and is the key to helping horses handle and recover from a trip well.  We don’t push horses to do excessive hours on the truck.  And we don’t push our drivers either.

We appreciate that some horses are on a particular diet that an owner might want to continue whilst in transit.  We welcome owners who prefer to make up individual feeds to accompany their horse while they are in our care.

The team at Rudd’s are fully aware that not all horses cope well with being transported.  We listen to owners when they tell us about their horse and pay attention to each horse that is in transit.  We endeavour to make trips stress free for each horse and meet their needs as best we can.

What if your horse becomes unwell whilst in our care? We won’t lie.  It does happen.  Our first point of contact is to call the owner or the trainer of the horse and discuss what we’re seeing.  The next step it to seek veterinary attention for your horse.  If for some reason we can’t get in contact with the owner, then we rightly assume that we have your permission to seek veterinary attention, in the best interests of your horse.

We successfully transport horses of all shape, size, breed and condition.  Please contact us to discuss any questions that we haven’t answered here.